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Zayeds impulsive act on the sets of Tezz

It was the first time that Zayed Khan was working with Priyadarshan, and the actor recalls how the director kept springing surprises on him during the shooting of Tezz.

“He is the fastest when it comes to canning scenes and taking on-the-spot decisions. I cannot forget the day when we were shooting in London. There was still time for my scene and I was watching Ajay Devgn and Anil Kapoor giving their shots. Suddenly Priyan sir pointed to me and said “Okay you stand there and cry!” I was really shocked. I told him that I needed a little preparation to do an emotional scene but he was convinced that I could do it. And sure enough I went up there and did what he told me to. I would rate that the most difficult scene I have ever done,” said the actor.

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