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Women are more moral than men, says study

LONDON: A research has confirmed what women have for long been claiming – they are more moral than men. The study, based on a survey which measured responses to questions about honesty, found women to be more moral than men, with those over 30 years having the strongest values, the Daily Mail reported.

The study, by a leading philosopher, also showed that females are more likely to make decisions based on how they impact on others. In fact, Roger Steare has based his conclusions on a ‘Moral DNA test’ which he developed four years ago to measure both a person’s morality and changes in their value systems when they enter the workplace.

Since then 60,000 volunteers have taken the questionnaire in more than 200 countries, ranging from chief executives to manual workers and housewives. Each is asked to rate a series of statements about themselves – whether their colleagues or family say they were ‘honest’ or ‘competent’. They then have to evaluate assertions about themselves, such as ‘I always honour people’s trust in me’ and ‘I am good at exercising self-control’.

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