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Home » Health & Beauty » Winter is Coming! Expert Advice on How to Fight Dry Skin
Winter is Coming! Expert Advice on How to Fight Dry Skin

Winter is Coming! Expert Advice on How to Fight Dry Skin

As the weather gets nippy there is one thing that most of us start dreading about. Chapped lips and dry, flaky skin are a few things most of us hate about winters. Our skin is stripped off moisture and requires additional care. This would not only including treating your skin right during winters but right from the pre-winter season.

According to a renowned beauty expert, Suparna Trikha,  you should be mindful of certain things to ensure healthy, well-hydrated, glowing skin. According to her, hot water baths – though comforting – do more damage to your skin, make sure you moisturize well after taking bath. Go easy on bleaching your skin, it strips your skin off essential oils and moisture. Just because the sun is not that strong during winters, does not mean that you can bask in sun for hours altogether, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is till important.

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Another Delhi based beauty expert Bharti Taneja also shared some pre-winter beauty tips for making your skin look and feel soft.

Opt for creamy products: Pack away those gel-based face washes, creams as well as make-up products and opt for creamy ones. Cream-based products are generally oil-based and hence form a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture during chilly days. These creams deeply moisturise the skin while nourishing it from within.

Use sunscreen: Most of us restrict the usage of sunscreens only for summer to protect the skin from tanning and stop using it as soon as the autumn arrives. But not many know that pre-winter sun too can be harmful for the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to apply broad spectrum sunscreen with UV and PA+++ protection in winter on your face and other exposed parts of body. For better protection, make sure you apply the sun protection cream 30 minutes before stepping out of the house.

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Oil the body: The importance of oiling your body becomes inevitable as the autumn breeze may rob it of its natural moisture as soon as the fall season starts. A 10-minute oiling session before your bath would suffice for the nourishment needs of the skin. So, just catch hold of any baby or olive oil bottle and get started! Performing this on regular basis is sure to keep your skin soft, supple and smooth throughout the winter season.

Condition: To keep the lustre of the hair intact, it is good to use a conditioner which has silicone to lock down the outer circle layer and seal in the moisture. You may also try a homemade avocado mask which is perfect for dry and rough hair. For this, mash the flesh of avocado with fork and add extra virgin olive oil to make a mixture. Apply this smooth mixture and wash it off after 30 minutes. This nourishing mask is enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and softening agents for your hair to fight pre-winter harshness with ease.

Hydrate: Boost your beauty regimen by drinking lots of water irrespective of the season. It helps your skin stay young and hydrated by flushing out all the toxins of your body. If you are not very happy with the idea of gulping down the cold water, make sure to drink lots of warm or lukewarm water during the day.

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