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We will come back with quantum growth in Q3

BANGALORE: Wipro recently concluded a major organizational restructuring, and the company’s CEO T K Kurien is confident it will soon start paying dividends. He spoke to TOI on the sidelines of the company’s Q1 results announcement. Excerpts…

Are you happy with the progress the company is making after the restructuring?

We have gone through an exercise of simplification of structure. We are focused on getting volumes back and changing the quality of revenue. The change we have made in the organization is more significant than what people have understood. We will come back with quantum growth in Q3 and great growth after that.

Which verticals do you see significant traction in?

We have seen positive growth in BFSI, retail, energy and utility and healthcare. In the banking space we have won two big deals worth $500 million and in oil and gas we have seen an annual growth of 40%. As for healthcare, we are investing and we expect a long haul play in the space. For telecom, growth is coming from the emerging markets. But a quantum growth in this space is unlikely.

What are the key industry trends that you want to cash in on?

Enterprises are variable-izing their IT, by moving to cloud computing, to position themselves better for winning in the world of constraints, of energy, power, water, etc. Some of the deals we won support this trend. Also, analytics continues to be one of the fastest growing services and we have been able to capitalize on this opportunity. We are building mobile and tablet solutions that allow consumerization of enterprise technology and performance analytics.

How’s the newly introduced IT 360 framework working for Wipro?

Enterprises are demanding more accountability and value from investments in IT. The IT 360 framework helps customers measure the return on their IT investments evaluate the benefits and value of each individual component in the IT landscape, and maximize the value IT delivers to business.

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