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Home » Entertainment » Vivekh goes in search of a murderer in the US
Vivekh goes in search of a murderer in the US

Vivekh goes in search of a murderer in the US

Actor Vivekh, who has been doing both comic and serious roles of late, will be playing the lead in a mystery thriller set in the US. The film, titled Vellai Pookal, will be directed by techie-turned-filmmaker Vivek Elangovan. Many of the crew members of this film, which also stars Pooja Devariya and Charlie, are from the US. “We are actually techies in Seattle, and have been in the US for the past 15-20 years,” begins Vivek, and adds, “Since 2005, we started staging theatre plays annually, and later, I shot a few short films as well. Then, a few of us took some time off work and wrote this script.”
Since it is an unconventional script, Vivek says that they wanted an actor who they can show in a different light. “That way, the audience will realise that this is going to be a movie unlike the usual ones right away,” he says. The first name that came to his mind was Vivekh. The actor, too, felt that the script was something markedly different from what he has done so far, and agreed to come on board. They discussed the finer details of the character and the look over Skype. “It will be a Vivekh who you haven’t seen before. Even the way he talks and his demeanour will be different,” assures the director.
Vivekh plays Rudran, an ex-cop who comes to the US to live with his son with whom he had had a falling out a few years ago. Charlie plays Bharathi, a character he befriends in the US. “He has visited the US a few times, and he shows Rudran, who has come to the country for the first time, around. The film will show the loneliness that parents who come from India to visit their children feel in the initial months,” says Vivek. It is in such a scenario that Rudran gets interested in a missing person case with Bharathi as a reluctant sidekick. But then, more people go missing, and the case becomes a personal one for Rudran, he reveals. Pooja Devariya will be seen as Bharathi’s daughter. But he refuses to add anything more, saying “it will spoil the suspense”.
The title, he says, represents dandelions. “They are fragile flowers that get blown away very easily. The flowers are a recurring motif representing the fragile nature of people in distress and are also an important prop in the storyline,” he elaborates.
The film, which has largely been shot in the US (the opening portions are set in Chennai), is edited by National Award-winner Praveen KL, while Madhan Karky has written the lyrics. Gerald Peter, who shot Vivek’s short films, and Ramgopal, a Seattle-based musician, have handled the cinematography and the music. “SP Balasubrahmanyam has sung a song,” informs the director.


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