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Home » Entertainment » Vikram Prabhu takes a potshot at Sanjay Manjrekar
Vikram Prabhu takes a potshot at Sanjay Manjrekar

Vikram Prabhu takes a potshot at Sanjay Manjrekar

That Indian cricket team lost the crucial semi-final match to New Zealand on Wednesday have hurt millions of fans across the nation. Hard core admirers of the team, however, are relieved over the team putting up a brave fight till the last over. There was a time when lovers of the sport lost their hopes completely. But it was Dhoni and Jadeja’s performances which kept the viewer’s spirit alive. Interestingly, ex-player Sanjay Manjrekar, who is the commentator, now, has been receiving brickbats on social media for targeting a few players, among which Jadeja was in the forefront. The other day, he mentioned him as ‘bits and pieces’ player.
On Wednesday, post the match, when fans were already upset about the loss, Sanjay rubbed salt into the wound with a tweet of his. He posted, “Well played Jadeja”, followed by a sarcastic smiley which obviously didn’t go down well with the fans. They started criticising and abusing him online. After sometime, Twitter was abuzz with a few hashtags which were against Sanjay, one of them being ‘#DontBeAManjrekar’. Several Kollywood celebs expressed their displeasure after the match. Among them, Vikram Prabhu ensured that he give it back to Sanjay. He tweeted, “To the rest of the world, Whatever you do in life #DontBeAManjrekar.”


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