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Vettori stunned by semifinal wicket

“They’ve told us we’re playing on the same one as England which is very surprising for us,” Vettori said on the eve of semifinal.

“Playing a World Cup semifinal on a used wicket, we would have thought it would be mandatory to prepare a fresh wicket. But obviously not.”

Co-host Sri Lanka has the advantage of having played on the wicket in 10-wicket quarterfinal demolition of England on Saturday.

New Zealand had an upset 49-run win over South Africa at Dhaka to reach the semifinals for the sixth time — and the Kiwis are still aiming for their first win in the final four.

Vettori takes inspiration from New Zealand’s run to the Champions Trophy final two years ago.

“Everyone wants to talk about our record of making them (to semifinals) and not going on any further,” he said. “In the Champions Trophy we went one step further and made the final against Australia, so we can look on that and hope it’s a starting point for us going past the semis.”

New Zealand was not rated by many to make it this far at the 2011 the World Cup, particularly after being swept by Bangladesh and India in limited-overs series in subcontinent last year.

The positives started to emerge in the New Zealand ranks when John Wright was appointed coach in December and the Kiwis lost a close one-day series to Pakistan 3-2.

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