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Home » News » US mole in Indiras house during emergency: WikiLeaks

US mole in Indiras house during emergency: WikiLeaks

New Delhi: In yet another contentious revelation about India, transparency watchdog WikiLeaks has claimed that a US spy was present in former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s residence during infamous emergency between1975 and 1977.  However, the US cable didn’t reveal the identity of the persons.

The latest cables released by WikiLeaks said that the dispatches from the US Embassy in New Delhi to the US State Department refer to a ‘household’ source. By the middle of 1976, the cables had begun to guess that the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi could announce general elections in 1977.

US Embassy in its dispatches had clearly mentioned that Indira Gandhi’s younger son Sanjay Gandhi and her secretary RK Dhawan were behind the draconian emergency imposed in the country on June 25, 1975.

The cables mentioned that both Sanjay and Dhawan lacked political ideology and were despotic in nature. Their main agenda was to keep Indira Gandhi in power at any cost, added the cables. On Sanjay’s growing clout within the party, WikiLeaks said that a big faction of the Congress had started accepting him as their leader.

According to the dispatches, four prominent Congress MPs had shared different views on the duration of emergency in the country. It also said that US Envoy in India had described TN Kaul, a close aide of Indira Gandhi and the then Ambassador of India to US, as ‘arrogant,’ pro-Soviet and a man not to be trusted. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi appointed Kaul as India’s Ambassador in US in 1973.

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