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Twitter launches automatic link shortening

Twitter, the micro-blogging website that limits the length of a post to 140 characters, announces that is has released automatic link shortening, making it easier for members to share website URLs.  Previously if a members wanted to share a link, a third party link shortening service, like had to be used

Carolyn Penner wrote on Twitter’s blog this week: “We’ve been working on a bunch of features to make Twitter easier to use. Today we’re releasing something many of you have been asking for – automatic link shortening.”

To use the new link shortening service, just copy paste the link into the Tweet, finish writing your Tweet, then hit the enter button.  The link will then be automatically shortened to a maximum of nineteen characters, starting with Readers of the tweet will not see the, but rather, the full URL.

Twitter said its automatic link shortening service will not provide analytics so members will continue to be able to use their favorite third party link trimming

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