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Home » News » TN polls: 75.2 pc voters peacefully cast votes

TN polls: 75.2 pc voters peacefully cast votes

Chennai: Over 75 per cent electorate came out to cast their votes on Wednesday as Tamil Nadu saw a peaceful election.After a brief but intense election campaign, Tamil Nadu queued up to deliver its verdict with the famous and the not so famous reached the polling booths. Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi, the two faces of Dravidian politics, came out to vote early.

“Whether it is a coalition or single party rule, the people will deliver their verdict decisively for the DMK and we will come to power,” said M Karunanidhi.

“Despite the flow of money power the people have made up their minds and have decided that the DMK must be thrown out of power,” said J Jayalalithaa.

Distribution of money to the voter has been a worry for the Election Commission and it enforced a strong crack down. The DMK faces the most allegations of trying to buy votes with money.

The man who has often faced allegations of using money power, the DMK chief’s elder son and union minister MK Azhagiri voted in his Madurai stronghold.

“The DMK will win these elections purely on the basis of the achievements of Kalaignar. What he had promised in 2006 he had delivered,” said Azhagiri.

The southern districts of the state are crucial to the DMK. They are also crucial for the image of Karunanidhi’s son and union minister Azhagiri who is the party’s man in charge for south Tamil Nadu.

Star power could be seen at the Chennai polling booths. “A stable government is very important,” said actor Rajinikanth.

Is it the corruption allegation or the promise of freebees, is it about money power or a severe power crisis and price rise – there are several issues but the ultimate question now is it going to be Jayalalithaa or Karunanidhi – and there will be a month-long wait to find the answer. Read from the Publisher

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