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Time for Anna Hazare to give govt a chance?

Though activist Anna Hazare’s threat on Thursday forced the government to fast-track the process to move the Lokpal Bill in the Parliament, Team Anna toned down its strident stand soon after.

Team Anna members Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi have realised that putting extra pressure may

not work in their favour and they should give the government a chance and not threaten it.

“We will consider postponing Anna Hazare’s fast if the government proves its commitment by introducing a strong, amended Lokpal Bill by next week and indicate a clear date by which it will be passed,” key Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan told HT. Team Anna member Kiran Bedi also told a TV channel on Thursday night that Anna Hazare will postpone his protests if Parliament session is extended to introduce and get the Lokpal Bill passed.

“If Parliament decides to work overtime to finalise the Lokpal, then Anna will obviously wait. He will go on fast if he sees Parliament adjourned without passing a law or passing a weak law,” Bedi told NDTV.

It seems Team Anna members are realizing that putting extra pressure on the Parliament is not a very good idea. The tremendous support which they have received during their campaign against corruption may wane if people find them unreasonable. Team Anna has seen that people do not support every statement made by Anna Hazare as was the case with his opinion on dealing with drunkards.

Former Karnataka lokayukta Santosh Hegde, also a member of Team Anna, on Thursday said that it was wrong to say that Anna Hazare and his team were pressurizing the Parliament and behaving in a dictatorial manner over the Lokpal Bill issue.

“I don’t think that anybody can pressurize. I only think that this type of statements (from political parties) are coming out of pressure, because everybody is angry,” he said.

“I am sure, Anna knows that ultimately it is the Parliament, which can pass a law and if it is not passed, we can go on a strike or go to court,” he said adding that it was wrong to say that Anna or his supporters were dictators.

A few recent tweets have been crictical of Anna Hazare’s method. INDBreakingNews Breaking News India tweeted, “Anna seems to have wrong way. Do you recommended what he’s doing? He seems to have got into political mess as usual which all hates.” Swapan Seth tweeted, “Now anna gives those ones? Dharna outside RG and SG houses. Not the way to do it.”

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