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The warring Khans Shah Rukh Salman come face to face on field

Actors Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan apparently do not wish to even see each other. But they do have a lot in common, apart from their surnames, homes in Bandra and common friends. The two actors seem to be sharing a rather strong interest in sports. While SRK has been the owner of a cricket team for almost five years now, Salman is the face of brother Sohail Khan’s celebrity cricket team. But it seems like the latest interest that keeps them on the same page is football.

SRK is apparently buying 50 percent stake in a Goan football club called Dempo SC. A source says, “The actor is very much into sports and has big plans too. In India, cricket and cinema are two most popular forms of entertainment and SRK is already well settled in these. Now he wishes to take football to be taken more seriously in India. Not only because he himself was a football player in his school days, but also because his son Aryan is very good at the sport. Hence his buying a stake is justified.”

In fact, Salman too wants to make football and then basketball as popular as cricket. In an earlier interview, he had said, “I feel football is a big sport. It’s easier to play as it’s a game without any frills. Cricket needs the entire cricket gear, for football you just need an open space and a football. But unfortunately, there aren’t many football grounds here, so I want to concentrate on the basics first. It will take some time but I want to make something happen. After football, it will be basketball as it requries lesser space, a basket and a ball!”

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