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The next generation 3D TV

Like any technology, 3D TV has been improving at a rapid pace since the first sets hit the shelves. Early adopters paid a substantial price for those original 3D TVs. But over the past year, 3D TV has been taken up twice as fast as expected in the UK, leading to vast improvements in the technology alongside huge reductions in the price – as well as an exponential rise in the number of films, games and programmes designed to be viewed in full stereoscopic 3D.

Already the Sky 3D channel is being viewed in more than half of UK homes with 3D TVs. Film studios, TV broadcasters and videogame developers are providing more exciting coverage and games in 3D, with big-name broadcasters such as Disney and Sky displaying an ongoing commitment to producing blockbuster, immersive 3D entertainment. With so much content already available and even more on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to jump in.

LG’s latest 3D viewing

The new LG Cinema 3D TV range is the next generation of 3D for the home, bringing a cinema experience to the comfort of the living room. Taking advantage of all of the rapid advances in technology, it delivers a brighter, sharper, flicker-free image with an ultra- wide viewing angle, but without the expensive and complicated glasses that older 3D TV sets rely upon.

LG’s Cinema 3D is just the same as the 3D you see in cinemas – it’s powered by similar technology. Conventional 3D TVs use active-shutter technology, which relies on expensive glasses to control the image that each eye sees. LG Cinema 3D, however, uses polarisation, which passively filters the correct image to each eye. The glasses are simpler to use, don’t require batteries or charging, and they cost much less at around £2 per pair, which means they’re cheaper to replace if lost or broken. They’re also lighter and more comfortable to wear. And thanks to the wide viewing angle, everybody can enjoy the full 3D effect from wherever they are sat in the room.

It is the world’s first flicker-free 3D TV technology (as tested and certified by Intertek) meaning ambient light sources in the room don’t interfere with the image. This leads to a brighter and clearer high-definition picture, which means that regular 2D viewing looks fantastic too. While the built-in Freeview HD makes 2D programming look as good as it can, with up to five times the picture quality of standard-definition Freeview (LW550T and LW650T models only).

You can sit back and enjoy a true cinematic experience with the latest films playing on the Sky 3D channel or those available on 3D Blu-ray. LG Cinema 3D TVs use the same side-by-side frame technology that Sky 3D uses to broadcast its content, which makes LG the best choice for watching 3D programming on a Sky HD box. It’s not all about films and programmes, 3D TV is also great for gaming, as game developers are starting to take full advantage of the immersive capabilities of modern games consoles.

All TVs in the LG Cinema 3D range come with seven pairs of glasses, so no one in the family or friends will be left out when you gather to watch football, rugby and the latest hit movies including How to Train Your Dragon. 3D brings you closer to the action, whatever you want to watch – and it’s more accessible now than ever before.


If you’re already a Sky customer, you could get up to £400 cash back on a new LG 3D TV until 30 June by visiting The LG Cinema 3D range includes the new LW450U, LW550T and LW650T models, with screen sizes from 32″ to a truly cinematic 55″. Prices start from £649 for the 32″ LW450U.

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