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Home » Technology » The New Glasses-Free 3D TV From Toshiba That ‘Follows Your Face’

The New Glasses-Free 3D TV From Toshiba That ‘Follows Your Face’

Consumers in UK are able to pick up a 3D TV set that does not require any special glasses for viewing the 3D images. The set has a feature by which the viewer’s faces are tracked.

The 3D TV from Toshiba has a screen dimension of 55 inches. This happen to be the first glasses free 3D TV of the large screen variety that is available coming at a cost of £7000.

The picture is adjusted depending on the viewer much like it happens in case of a digital camera.

The set after having fixed the viewers location sends images meant for the left and right eye and this creates the 3D illusion.

The previous 3D sets that did not need any special glasses, were launched in Japan in 2010 and had screen size between 12 and 20 inch.

Picture quality was not so good in these sets and that specially so when viewing the set from an angle.

At the Consumer Electronics Show held this January, Sony too had displayed such a glasses free 3D set. It can therefore be expected that the battle for spec free 3D sets is going to be hot soon.

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