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Home » Entertainment » The After Hrs review Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

The After Hrs review Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Film: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu
Director: Shakun Batra
Cast: Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor
Rating: ***1/2

Bollywood thrives on love stories, so you think of a dozen ‘louve’ stories and romcoms that’ve been churned out over the years and wonder how different could this be. But surprisingly it is and refreshingly so.

A ‘just-lost-his-job’ architect Rahul Kapoor (Imran) believes in living by the rulebook set by his champagne-clinking, right up on the social rung, but super-dominating parents (Ratna and Boman); while out-of-work hairstylist, Rianna Braganza’s book has only one rule — no rules please. They couldn’t have been more different, but a chance meeting between them leads to more than just a fun drunk night out.

The two end-up getting married in true-blue Vegas style, only to realise the very next morning that they want to annul it. Though not bound legally, the two do become friends and on Rianna’s insistence, Rahul agrees to take a trip to Mumbai and stays with her rather extrovert family, without telling his own parents of his arrival or the truth about his marriage and job. But that’s until he accidentally bumps into his mum.

The story follows a predictable path mostly, but not all the way and that’s where the film scores. For a first-timer, the director (Shakun Batra) has done a fine job of not going over-the-top with any character or stretching any scene. But the film is more for the multiplex audience and may not strike a chord with the masses. As for the actors, the casting couldn’t have been more perfect and that goes for the supporting actors too — Ram Kapoor, Nikhil Kapoor and the lot.

We have seen Kareena generate the same kind of sunshine charm and exuberance before (It’s Geet reincarnate of Jab We Met. Only the action is in Vegas here, not Bhatinda) but here too, she hits bull’s eye with amazing ease and this will also be one of the performances people won’t forget for long.

The real surprise though is Imran, who fits the role to the tee. Though he does falter in a few scenes post interval, it looks like the director was sharp to catch it in time so you don’t linger on those few slips at all, as he’s a scene-stealer in most others, especially in the scenes with Soniya Mehra. Boman and Ratna excel too. Music is another plus, it comes at the right time and is not overbearing. Bosco’s Auntyji is very catchy in steps and spirit, as is the title track.

Overall, it’s a fun date flick that goes well with the spirit of Valentine. Don’t look for anything, but a few good laughs and several cute moments and you won’t be disappointed!

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