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Home » News » Terrorists attack Pakistan military base, at least 12 killed

Terrorists attack Pakistan military base, at least 12 killed

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan security forces regained control of its naval airbase, Pakistan Naval Station (PNS) Mehran, in the port city of Karachi on Monday, after 16 hours of pitched battle with heavily armed militants that resulted in the killing of 10 security officials and four attackers, according to Pakistani officials.

The attack, which was launched on late Sunday night and continued into Monday afternoon, was the most lethal against Pakistan’s armed forces since the militants attacked Pakistan army’s General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi in October 2009. In a coordinated assault, the insurgents succeeded in destroying two of the just three P-3 series Orion anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircrafts that Pakistan had acquired from the United States. The security officials denied any security lapse but according to reports the attackers went close to the hangars where the maritime surveillance and reconnaissance aircrafts were parked and blew up the two four-engine carriers.

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