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Home » Health & Beauty » Telangana: Call to popularise bicycles
Telangana: Call to popularise bicycles

Telangana: Call to popularise bicycles

Increased usage of motor vehicles results in pollution: Walkers’ association

Warangal: In their bid to create awareness among the people about the damage being caused to the environment due to excessive use of motor vehicles, the Tricities walkers’ association has conducted a bicycle rally urging the citizens to use bicycles as much as possible. The rally was conducted from Kakatiya University crossroad till the Waddepalli lake. Several morning walkers and cycling enthusiasts took part in the rally holding placards and raising slogans.

Speaking on the occasion, Warangal Rural district forest officer K. Purushotham said active transportation, such as walking or cycling is a great way to reduce greenhouse gases. “Motor vehicles are a major source of smog, which is a mixture of air pollutants including vapours, gases and particles. Active transportation does not require fuel and does not cause air pollution. It also frees up more space on the roads, making our neighbourhoods more pleasant. The physical activity involved in cycling leads to better oxygenation of all organs and muscles. In addition, the heart pumps more blood and oxygen to all the tissues,” he said. Tricities walkers association president, Janga Gopal Reddy said due to the increased usage of motor vehicles the pollution levels are moving towards hazardous levels but it can be controlled if bicycles are used.

“By using bicycles, not only is it healthy but it also reduces the use of petrol and diesel. All the people must voluntarily come forward to use a bicycle at least one day in a week. The Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation also must take it upon themselves to construct cycling tracks in the city,” Mr Gopal Reddy said. D. Laxminarayana, T. Kumaraswamy Goud, Vana Seva Society members G. Naresh, N. Srinivas and others took part in the awareness programme.

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