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Teenage widow ‘was Moscow metro bomber’ – police

MOSCOW — The image is striking: a sultry teenager, partly veiled, in the embrace of a bearded man — both grasping handguns.

The photo appeared Friday in a leading Russian newspaper, which reported that the teen was one of the two female suicide bombers who struck Moscow’s subway. The paper indicated that she may have been out to avenge her husband, an Islamic militant killed by Russian forces.

Russian investigators said one of the attackers was a 17-year-old widow named Dzhanet Abdurakhmanova. They did not confirm that the photo published in the Kommersant newspaper was that of the bomber.

Kommersant published what it said was a picture of Abdurakhmanova, also known as Abdullayeva, dressed in a black Muslim headscarf and holding a Makarov pistol. The image was broadcast on all nationwide television networks. Read full story from publisher…

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