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Corona Virus Full Stats

India Stats

936,628 Total Cases
24,315 Deaths
593,080 Recovered

Global Stats

13,365,559 Total Cases
578,316 Deaths
7,800,736 Recovered
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Pakkiri trailer is here

Dhanush’s most anticipated international film The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir and the Tamil dubbed version Pakkiri will release on June 21. The actor has been busy with the promotions of the film travelling all around the world. The latest news is that the trailer of the film is out.Dhanush released the trailer of The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir and Pakkiri. He posted, ‘This is the start of an ... Read More »

Looming threat! Automation risks 69 per cent jobs in India, says World Bank

WASHINGTON: Automation threatens 69 per cent of the jobs in India, while 77 per cent in China, according to a World Bank research which has said that technology could fundamentally disrupt the pattern of traditional economic path in developing countries. “As we continue to encourage more investment in infrastructure to promote growth, we also have to think about the kinds ... Read More »

Taj Mahal tops on the Google Street View destination

According to the Google Taj Mahalin Agra has emerged as top virtual destination in Asia to be seen on the Google Street view. Taj Mahal is one of the most visited places in the World. Taj Mahl in Agra is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site which attracts visitors all around the world. The Google Streetview gives the access to the virtual tours of the Taj Mahal. ... Read More »

World Bank says India in for big climate change

Global warming could lead to more droughts, water scarcity, extremely hot summer, severe flooding, and poor food production in South-Asia, including India, a World Bank report said on Wednesday. Mumbai and Kolkata will see a “rise in the sea level, tropical cyclones and riverine flooding”. Water scarcity will plague the Western Ghats. There will be “increased droughts over north-western India, ... Read More »

Tweet Makes It Into The Oxford English Dictionary

After seven years of short 140-character bursts, memes and punchline hashtags, the term “tweet” has officially become a real word in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Tweet can now correctly be used as either a noun or a verb (as in “Send me a tweet” or “Let me tweet that”) and joins the 54 year-old slang term “to have a ... Read More »

World Biodiversity Day: It’s time for celebration

“If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us” – David Suzuki. David Suzuki is a Canadian science broadcaster as well as an environmental activist. Mr. Suzuki also happens to be known for his TV and radio series ... Read More »

Cricket World Cup 2011 – Schedule

The ICC World Cup 2011 begins Saturday when Bangladesh takes on favourites India at Dhaka. Forty Nine absorbing games in store – 42 group stage games, 4 quarter-finals, 2 semis and a final make up the 49 games. Interestingly, India features in the first and the 42nd game. The quarter-finals start March 23 – Wednesday. Around the time when school ... Read More »