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Corona Virus Full Stats

India Stats

2,411,547 Total Cases
47,274 Deaths
1,708,719 Recovered

Global Stats

20,853,472 Total Cases
748,095 Deaths
13,746,669 Recovered
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5 easy ways to add extra years to your life

Cutting down on smoke, limiting alcohol intake, eating a healthy diet and regular exercise are few ways that could add extra years to your life. Quit smoking: Smokers more than triple their risk of dying early compared to nonsmokers. A new research has found that women who stop smoking before 40 live a decade longer than those who keep puffing ... Read More »

Exercise to live four years longer

New research gathered studies on the question of whether physical activityincreases life expectancy.The studies offered a range of answers, but among the results, the median increase in life expectancy of both men and women came to 3.7 years each.The German researchers also discovered that getting your exercise as leisure, rather than, as part of your work may be more beneficial, ... Read More »