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Corona Virus Full Stats

India Stats

2,152,020 Total Cases
43,453 Deaths
1,479,804 Recovered

Global Stats

19,804,408 Total Cases
729,586 Deaths
12,721,186 Recovered
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Rain clouds optimism in Japan

Power has been restored to several reactors at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant, 250 kilometres east of Tokyo, but it is not yet clear if the effort to restart cooling systems will work. “We are now checking if the cooling system and other facilities of the number two reactor are still intact before sending power to them,” Nuclear and ... Read More »

Pressure rising in one reactor at troubled nuclear plant

News Exclusive from CNN. Tokyo (CNN) — Even as workers began to see some success in their battle to cool down reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japanese officials said Sunday that they would have to release some radioactive gas into the air. The country’s nuclear safety agency said releasing the gas was a necessary step to reduce mounting ... Read More »

Radiation SMS: The fear factor

KOCHI: An SMS seems to be spreading much faster than the radiation leakage in Japan creating confusion and panic among the people on the possibility of radiation reaching India and the dangers it poses to the people.It was from early Tuesday morning that Kochiites started receiving SMSes warning them to take precautionary measure against the radiation leak from the problematic ... Read More »

Did the Japanese tsunami occur because of the ‘supermoon’?

LONDON: The Japanese tsunami caused yesterday is forcing everyone to think – could the movement of the moon trigger unpredictable events on Earth? Astrologers predicted that on March 19 – a week tomorrow – the so-called ‘supermoon’ will be closer to Earth than at any time since 1992, just 221,567 miles away, and that its gravitational pull will bring chaos ... Read More »

Japan begins quake relief mission

Whole villages have been washed away and at least one town has been largely destroyed. Police said 215,000 people have fled their homes. The tsunami was triggered by Japan’s biggest earthquake since records began. The government has declared a state of emergency at five nuclear reactors as cooling systems failed. The an 8.9-magnitude tremor struck in the afternoon local time ... Read More »