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NASA’s MMS creates new Guinness World Record

NASA has said its Magnetospheric Multiscale mission, or MMS — that is giving scientists new insight into Earths magnetosphere — now holds the Guinness World Record for highest altitude fix of a GPS signal. Operating in a highly elliptical orbit around Earth, the MMS satellites set the record at 70,006.4 kilometres above the surface, the US space agency said. The ... Read More »

NASA chasing down asteroid to scoop up, bring back samples

NASA is going after an asteroid this week like never before. It’s launching a spacecraft to the exotic black rock named Bennu, vacuuming up handfuls of gravel from the surface, and then in a grand finale, delivering the pay dirt all the way back to Earth. The mission will take seven years, from Thursday night’s planned lift off from Cape ... Read More »

NASA test the world’s largest solid rocket booster

A spectacular test was scheduled on 28th June 2016 at Orbital ATK’s Utah rocket facility where the world’s largest solid rocket booster (SRB) was fired. NASA has all the pieces in place for its return to human spaceflight in the coming years with the Space Launch System (SLS), but all those pieces still need to be tested before any people will ... Read More »

NASA wants to launch 3-D printer into space. Here’s why

Moffett Field, California: NASA is preparing to launch a 3-D printer into space next year, a toaster-sized game changer that greatly reduces the need for astronauts to load up with every tool, spare part or supply they might ever need. The printers would serve as a flying factory of infinite designs, creating objects by extruding layer upon layer of plastic ... Read More »

Space Cadets line up for one-way Mars trip

Washington: More than 200,000 people from 140 countries have applied to go to Mars and never return, the group behind an ambitious venture to colonize the inhospitable red planet said on Monday. Bas Lansdorp, a Dutch engineer and entrepreneur, plans to establish a permanent base on Mars in a mission he hopes will take off in 2022 if he can ... Read More »

Suit water leak halts ISS spacewalk

Nasa has aborted a spacewalk at the International Space Station (ISS) because of a dangerous water leak in an astronaut”s helmet. canada drug cialis The leak was so bad that Luca Parmitano, Italy”s first spacewalker, could not hear or speak as the spacewalk came to an abrupt end. He asked his spacewalking partner, Christopher Cassidy, for help getting back inside ... Read More »

Chinese ‘nauts return to Earth after vigorous space coupling

China’s latest three taikonauts returned safely from the country’s longest manned mission, which was another practice run to the Heavenly Palace. Shenzhou-10 crew commander Nie Haisheng, a two-time visitor to space, and his crewmates Wang Yaping and Zhang Xiaoguang re-entered over Inner Mongolia early this morning and were in good physical condition after their trip, state news agency Xinhua reported. ... Read More »