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Satellites show Venice is sinking @ 1mm every year

WASHINGTON: Modern satellites are helping scientists monitor how quickly Venice — the “floating city” of romance — is sinking with an unprecedented level of resolution. The results show the city is naturally subsiding at a rate of about 0.8 to 1 millimetre per year, while human activities contribute sinking of about 0.08 to 2 to 10 mm per year.Researchers said ... Read More »

Nasa’s next Mars rover will advance hunt for past life

WASHINGTON: The next robotic rover to explore Mars in 2020 should scour the surface of the red planet more closely than ever for signs of past life, a Nasa science team said Tuesday. The US space agency’s science definition team (SDT) released a 154-page document containing its proposals for the next Mars rover, after five months of work. The mission ... Read More »

Karakoram glaciers unaffected by global warming

LONDON: Glaciers nestling under the shadow of Diran and Rakaposhi, two towering peaks in the Karakoram Range of northern Pakistan, remain impervious to global warming and have even grown slightly in recent years, suggests a new study. online trading academy jobs Bucking regional and global trends that indicate ice loss, French glaciologists have confirmed that glaciers in Himalayan Karakoram have ... Read More »