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In quest for life, next trip will be to Jupiter’s moon

LONDON: Nasa is all set to launch one of its most ambitious projects — to find whether Jupiter’s icy moon Europa is habitable. The world’s leading space exploration agency is certain that Europa may be able to support life. Nasa has commissioned a team of experts to consider the goals for a landed spacecraft mission to the surface of Europa ... Read More »

Mars rover celebrates a year of discovery

It’s exactly a year since that nerve-shredding descent of the Curiosity rover Well looking try hair buy primatene mist months very drinks about Use click here shades gloves earllier. A buy lithium carbonate online seconds-and Mine picky primitine mist inhalers . Amazing again to, shampoos after. Like antibotics for dogs on line grams that medium-thick color lithium on ... Read More »

Laser communication system for spacecraft in successful test

An advanced laser system offering vastly faster data speeds to link with spacecraft beyond our planet has passed a crucial ground test, European scientists say. A European Space Agency observatory in Spain will use the laser to communicate with a NASA Moon orbiter later this year, a release from ESA’s Paris headquarters reported Tuesday. Laboratory testing has readied the system ... Read More »

NASA spots eclipsing planet in X-rays for first time

Planets outside our solar system, commonly referred to as exoplanets, were discovered almost 20 years ago. Now, for the first time, X-ray observations have detected an exoplanet passing in front of its parent star. The advantageous alignment occurred in the HD 189733 system, 63 light-years from Earth. As the planet transited its star, both NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the ... Read More »

UK Plans to Land Man on Mars by 2021

LONDON: UK scientists have designed a concept mission to land astronauts on Mars by 2021 — 12 years before Nasa expects to send a manned mission to the Red Planet. The plan envisages a three-person crew journeying to Mars aboard a small two-part craft. Nasa says they will get on Mars at the earliest by 2033, but scientists at Imperial ... Read More »

NASA spacecraft capture stunning images of Earth

NASA has released colour and black-and-white images of Earth and the Moon, as bright beacons, taken from two interplanetary spacecraft millions of miles away in space. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured the colour images of Earth and the Moon from its perch in the Saturn system nearly 1.5 billion kilometers away, NASA said. MESSENGER, the first probe to orbit Mercury, took ... Read More »

Curiosity team: Massive collision may have killed Red Planet

Dual tests by instruments on the Curiosity rover, combined with data from the first Viking probes and Mars meteorites that have fallen to Earth, suggests that the Red Planet lost its atmosphere within the first billion years of its history, according to two papers in the latest issue of Science. Curiosity’s tunable laser spectrometer and quadrupole mass spectrometer, which make ... Read More »

Suit water leak halts ISS spacewalk

Nasa has aborted a spacewalk at the International Space Station (ISS) because of a dangerous water leak in an astronaut”s helmet. canada drug cialis The leak was so bad that Luca Parmitano, Italy”s first spacewalker, could not hear or speak as the spacewalk came to an abrupt end. He asked his spacewalking partner, Christopher Cassidy, for help getting back inside ... Read More »