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Mercury Transit 2016

Stargazers will have a rare opportunity on Monday to witness Mercury fly directly across the face of the sun, a sight that unfolds once every 10 years or so, as Earth and its smaller neighboring planet come into perfect alignment. The best vantage points to observe the celestial event, known to astronomers as a transit, are eastern North America, South ... Read More »

On Closest Planet to the Sun, NASA Finds Lots of Ice

Mercury is as cold as ice.  Indeed, Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, possesses a lot of ice — 100 billion to one trillion tons — scientists working with NASA’s Messenger spacecraft reported on Thursday. Sean C. Solomon, the principal investigator for Messenger, said there was enough ice there to encase Washington, D.C., in a frozen block two and ... Read More »

NASA surprised to spot ice on Mercury

LOS ANGELES: Despite searing daytime temperatures, Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, has ice and frozen organic materials inside permanently shadowed craters in its north pole, NASA scientists said on ThursdayEarth-based telescopes have been compiling evidence for ice on Mercury for 20 years, but the finding of organics was a surprise, say researchers with NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft, the first ... Read More »

NASA’s Messenger Enters Orbit of Mercury

NASA has been prepping Messenger for more than six years since its launch in August of 2004 for conducting experiments while orbiting the innermost planet of our solar system. Messenger entered Mercury’s orbit on March 17 and is planned to activate its scientific instruments on March 24. The first tests are scheduled to take place on April 4, while NASA ... Read More »

Mercury hits 9.8ºC, lowest since 2005

Hyderabad, Dec. 19: A cold wave warning has been issued for a majority of districts in the Telangana region, including the state capital, for the next two days. Minimum temperatures continued to dip further in other parts of the state too. The minimum temperature in Hyderabad was 9.8ºC on Sunday, the lowest since 2005 when Hyderabad recorded a minimum temperature ... Read More »