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Corona Virus Full Stats

India Stats

2,525,222 Total Cases
49,134 Deaths
1,807,556 Recovered

Global Stats

21,355,685 Total Cases
763,367 Deaths
14,149,309 Recovered
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How to train your brain to regulate negative emotions

Researchers are now claiming to change the brain’s wiring to regulate emotional reactions with a simple computer-training task. Dr. Noga Cohen from the Ben-Gurion University said that these findings are the first to demonstrate that non-emotional training that improves the ability to ignore irrelevant information can result in reduced brain reactions to emotional events and alter brain connections. Cohen added ... Read More »

Roy Movie Review

SPOILERS ALERT A film lavished with dollops of visual style and aural sophistication, Roy would have been a runaway cinematic delight if only its makers had coupled its impressive surface gloss with a modicum of substance. Let alone a meaningful core to weave its inanities around, Vikramjit Singh’s directorial debut does not even have a coherent story that could make the two-and-a-half ... Read More »

Schoolkids turning violent, say experts

CHENNAI: The murder of 41-year-old school teacher may be the first time a crime of this gravity has been reported in Chennai, counsellors and teachers across the country said they had been seeing increasing instances of violent behaviour among school children. “The Chennai incident is a rare case, when anger gets out of control. But, in the past few years, we have seen instances ... Read More »