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Glow-in-the-dark dyes may soon power cars

Researchers have identified a glow-in-the-dark fluorescent dye which may be an ideal material for stockpiling energy in rechargeable, liquid-based batteries that could one day power cars and homes. The dye called BODIPY – or boron-dipyrromethene – shines brightly in the dark under a black light. According researchers from University at Buffalo (UB) in the US, the dye has unusual chemical ... Read More »

50,000 Renault Kwid cars to be recalled

Renault India Pvt. Ltd, the Indian unit of the French car maker, is likely to recall at least 50,000 units of the Kwid model to rectify a faulty fuel hose clip. The number of cars that may be recalled is based on the total units of Kwid cars manufactured between its launch in September 2015 and 18 May 2016. The ... Read More »

Made marketing mistake with Nano, says Tata

Can sales of 150,000 cars be called a flop? Ratan Tata says there’s no case — referring to the pejorative frequently used to describe the Nano’s sales at various fora. “Yes, we made a mistake after we clocked sales of 100,000. We did not get our marketing act together after reaching that number,” Tata told editors at a breakfast meeting ... Read More »

Cars to cost more

Come January, car prices are set to go up. Rising inflation, higher fuel costs and sharp depreciation in rupee have led car makers of all categories to think in terms of upping prices. The price increase will range from one per cent to three per cent for cars across brands. Car-makers Hyundai Motor, Ford, General Motors and Toyota Kirloskar have ... Read More »

Jaguar to launch limited edition supercar C-X75 at 700,000 pounds

MUMBAI: The iconic Jaguar will soon launch C-X75, a hybrid supercar, priced in the range of British 700,000 pounds plus local taxes, an official said here on Friday. The new car will mix international combustion power with electric motors to achieve supercar performance giving speeds of over 200 kmph, carbon-dioxide emissions of less than 99 gms/km and a lightweight but ... Read More »