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Drinking green tea may ease kidney damage caused by anti-cancer drug

NEW DELHI: Green tea is effective in reducing the kidney toxicity and damage caused by cisplatin — an anti-cancer drug, the AIIMS researchers have revealed. The research study has evaluated the usefulness of ECG, a polyphenolic compound obtained from green tea in preventing the damage of kidneys induced by the cisplatin. Side effects of cisplatin may include nephrotoxicity and life-threatening ... Read More »

Smartphone cameras can help detect eye cancer in kids

Smartphones can now detect eye cancerthat almost exclusively affects young children. With the help of this new set of technology, children, who have this type of cancer, often have a white glow around their pupils when photographed with a flash, the Verge reported. Julie Fitzgerald, mother of a 2-year-old kid Avery whose life was saved with the help of smartphone, said that ... Read More »

Puppy love may help fight cancer

Washington : Researchers are launching the first clinical trial of the effects of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) on young cancer patients and their families, says PTI. Doctors say they have known about the value of therapy pets in hospitals for years, but such reports have been largely anecdotal. Now, backed by a nearly USD 1 million grant from veterinary health firm Zoetis, ... Read More »

A week-by-week guide to kick the butt

It’s World No Tobacco Day. It’s time to stub all excuses and make a clear plan for kicking the butt. Our expert has a week-by-week guide that you should follow, starting today. If you have seriously contemplated or tried giving up cigarettes, you would know that it isn’t easy. This is why Dr PC Gupta, Director at Healis-Sekhsaria Institute for ... Read More »

Tobacco’s the biggest cause of cancers in India

Mumbai/New Delhi: Tobacco is addictive, causes cancer and is killing nearly 1.2 lakh young Indians. Two major studies were released in the past week. A study in the Lancet, and the World Tobacco Atlas both found that tobacco use is the single biggest cause of cancers in India, resulting in 40 per cent of cancer deaths in Indian men. Eighty ... Read More »

Avoidable cancers causing most deaths

Nearly six lakh people are estimated to have died of cancer in 2010 out of which 70% were aged between 30 and 69, a first-ever comprehensive pan-India study on cancer mortality has found out. The study, which was published on Wednesday in The Lancet, a world-renowned medical journal, shows that 7,137 of the 1,22,429 deaths in 2001-03 were due to ... Read More »

Yuvraj Singh has cancer, in US for chemotherapy since January

India’s World Cup hero and man of the tournament, Yuvraj Singh, has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy in the United States, his physiotherapist revealed on Sunday. This was corroborated by sources in the family and in the Indian cricket board. Yuvraj had earlier been detected with a tumour between his left lung and heart, which has since been termed malignant. “He is suffering from ... Read More »

Coffee lowers risk of prostate cancer

New Delhi: Men who are heavy coffee drinkers are at lower risk for prostate cancer, says a study. The researchers found that those who consumed six or more cups a day were almost 20 per cent less likely to develop prostate cancer over two decades than those who drank none, according to New York Times Friday. Scientists at Harvard University ... Read More »