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Corona Virus Full Stats

India Stats

906,612 Total Cases
23,727 Deaths
571,526 Recovered

Global Stats

13,134,479 Total Cases
573,299 Deaths
7,659,076 Recovered
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Earth set for warmest year after hottest September

Last month was the warmest September the world has seen since modern records began 136 years ago, according to new figures from Nasa. However the US agency added that the difference between it and the previous record in September 2014 was just 0.004 degrees Celsius, making the result a statistical tie. It was 0.91 degrees warmer than the average temperature ... Read More »

During a birthday party, six Irish nationals die after balcony collapses in California’s Berkeley

Berkeley, California: A 21st-birthday party thrown by a group of visiting Irish college students turned tragic early on Tuesday when the fifth-floor balcony they were crammed onto collapsed with a sharp crack, spilling them about 50 feet onto the pavement. Six people were killed and seven seriously injured. Police and fire and building officials were working to figure out why the ... Read More »

Google to show ads for apps in Android app store strives to bring in more revenue from smartphones tablets

California: Google will start showing ads in its online store for mobile apps and entertainment as the Internet search leader strives to bring in more revenue from smartphones and tablets. The advertising expansion announced Thursday will provide Google with a new opportunity to profit from its Android software, the world’s most widely used operating system for mobile devices. Google Inc. gives ... Read More »

NASA probe finds new zone at doorstep to interstellar space

Cape Canaveral: Reports that NASA’s long-lived Voyager 1 space probe had finally left the solar system has turned out to be a bit premature, scientists said yesterday. Rather, the spacecraft, which was launched in 1977 for a five-year mission to study Jupiter and Saturn, has found itself in a previously unknown region between the outermost part of the solar system ... Read More »

Samsung chief sees settlement with Apple

SAN FRANCISCO: The chief executives of Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Ltd are used to running the show at their global tech empires, but they will be in for a different experience when they arrive at a San Francisco federal courthouse on Monday. Apple’s Tim Cook and Samsung’s Choi Gee-sung, whose companies are embroiled in bitter patent litigation, have been ... Read More »

Apple vs Samsung ruling: Secret data leaked

NEW YORK: A US court error offered a brief glimpse at information that Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics have tried to shield from the public during their high-stakes patent litigation. The material appears to be less important for what it says about the companies than what it reveals about efforts to keep court proceedings secret. In denying Apple’s bid to ... Read More »

No major risk to California due to radiation

Boston, March 18: Small amount of radioactive material, blowing from Japan’s damaged nuclear power plants, is expected to reach California today but experts have said the radiation would be “within safe limits” and poses no major risk, according to a media report. Radioactive isotopes are being blown towards North America “high in the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean” and will ... Read More »

The end day of world (Doomsday) is On May 21 2011?

Forget the speculation that the end of the world will occur on December 12, 2012 as the end of the Mayan calendar. An independent Christian group in the U.S. even predicts the end will come more quickly: 21 May 2011. She is Marie Exley, a U.S. Army veteran who heavily campaigns this doomsday warning. Exley is a member of the U.S. independent ... Read More »