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Dino-killing asteroid punctured Earth’s crust: Study

HOUSTON: The asteroid that ended the age of dinosaurs about 65 million years ago may have nearly punctured the Earth’s crust, and temporarily caused the surface of the planet to behave like a slow-moving fluid, a new study has found. The findings may shed light on how such impacts can reshape the face of planets and generate new habitats for ... Read More »

NASA chasing down asteroid to scoop up, bring back samples

NASA is going after an asteroid this week like never before. It’s launching a spacecraft to the exotic black rock named Bennu, vacuuming up handfuls of gravel from the surface, and then in a grand finale, delivering the pay dirt all the way back to Earth. The mission will take seven years, from Thursday night’s planned lift off from Cape ... Read More »

Giant asteroid to buzz past Earth in two weeks

A gigantic asteroid will fly by Earth at the end of this month, making its closest approach for at least the next two centuries. On May 31, asteroid 1998 QE2, believed to be about 2.7 kilometres or nine Queen Elizabeth 2 ship-lengths in size, will sail serenely past Earth, getting no closer than about 5.8 million kilometres, or about 15 ... Read More »

Asteroid could make a flyby at 8,600 km from Earth in 2026

Moscow: A celestial body 20 metres in diameter will pass dangerously close — 8,620 km — to the Earth’s surface in 13 years, an Italian astronomer has said. The flyby of the asteroid 2013 GM3 on April 14, 2026, may bring it within 15,000 km of the Earth’s centre, or 8,620 km from the planet’s surface, said astronomer Francesco Manca ... Read More »

NASA Releases Video of Asteroid Flyby (VIDEO)

NASA has released a video of the asteroid that flew by Earth over the weekend and came closer to the planet that some communication satellites. The footage was recorded by a combination of radar observations by NASA Deep Space Network radio antenna located in Goldstone, California. The antenna recorded 72 images of the 2012 DA14 asteroid, which was 74,000 miles ... Read More »

Russian Meteor: Chelyabinsk Cleaning Up After Meteor Blast

A day after a massive meteor exploded over this city in central Russia, a monumental cleanup effort is under way. Authorities have deployed around 24,000 troops and emergencies responders to help in the effort. Officials say more than a million square feet of windows — the size of about 20 football fields — were shattered by the shockwave from the ... Read More »

‘Close’ asteroid may miss earth but could take out your phone

London: An asteroid due to whizz past the Earth this week could take out vital telecommunications satellites, scientists warn. They are sure there is no chance of the 45.7-metre-wide space rock hitting the planet. However, there is a remote possibility that it could collide with one of more than 100 telecommunication and weather satellites in fixed orbits above the Earth. ... Read More »

NASA to turn asteroid into space station

London, Dec 24: NASA scientists are planning to capture a 500,000 kg asteroid, relocate it and transform it into a space station for astronauts to refuel at on their way to Mars. It would be the first time a celestial object has ever been moved by humans, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. The White House’s Office of Science and Technology will ... Read More »