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Google Unveils Android Pay Upgrade to Its Mobile Payment Service

Google fans scoffed when Apple unveiled its mobile payment service Apple Pay to great fanfare last fall, pointing out that Google Wallet has offered similar technology since 2011. But Google Wallet never really took off — and now Google is largely replacing that service with the new “Android Pay.” Google unveiled the new service Thursday morning at its annual I/O ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 review roundup: Find out what tech critics are saying

We are inching closer to April 10, when Samsung’s Galaxy S6 models will finally hit store shelves. The new models – Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge – have been built from scratch and look quite promising. While they are yet to enter the Indian market, several tech critics across the world have already got their hands on the dainty devices. Here’s what the tech critics ... Read More »

Google releases work tools designed for Android phones

Google is releasing a set of tools designed for businesses and employees who want to get work done on Android powered smartphones, setting up a skirmish on another key front of mobile computing. The technology unveiled Wednesday launches Google’s attempt to turn Android phones into the digital hub of people’s personal and professional lives. The expansion will pit Google Inc. ... Read More »

Review: HTC One V smartphone

A few weeks ago TOI reviewed One X, the flagship Android phone from HTC. We found it to be one of the finest Android phones ever made. The experience was polished, the design was gorgeous and the user interface was butter smooth. But it carries a price tag that puts it out of the reach of most phone buyers. At ... Read More »

G’Five to launch Android phones

Chinese handset manufacturer G’Five plans to launch a number of Android operating system (OS) based smartphones in India. While their hardware specifications are not known, the phones will feature Android 2.1 Éclair, which is an older version of the OS. Talking to The Mobile Indian, Jaideep Chopra, vice president, G’Five, said, “We will enter the Android smartphone space with multiple ... Read More »