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Corona Virus Full Stats

India Stats

1,966,001 Total Cases
40,761 Deaths
1,329,026 Recovered

Global Stats

18,983,280 Total Cases
711,313 Deaths
12,173,393 Recovered
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Tag Archives: A real time travel now at mamallapuram

Travel to the Ancient Town of Sravasti

Sravasti in Uttar Pradesh was one of the six largest cities in India during the times of Gautam Buddha. The city finds mention in the epic Mahabharata and is believed to have been named after the legendary king Shravasta. However, Buddhist legend has it that it took its name from sage Savattha who lived there. Today, the city walls of Savatthi ... Read More »

A real time travel, now at mamallapuram

Travelling… The one of the most lovable parts of my life. New places, new people, old history and the knowledge I gained from those exciting travels will mesmerise me. Yes.. I am blessed to be a traveller in this life. While planning such kind of travels, the first place flashes into my mind is Mamallapuram in Tamilnadu. But for so ... Read More »