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Corona Virus Full Stats

India Stats

723,195 Total Cases
20,201 Deaths
441,733 Recovered

Global Stats

11,791,227 Total Cases
541,909 Deaths
6,776,519 Recovered
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Swine Flu symptoms and statistics

Change in weather always brings about a spurt of common cold cases. But did you know that weather change may also increase the chances of spreading Swine Flu? To help you learn the difference between a common cold and the more sinister swine flu, we bring you some important pointers to help you spot the not. There are chances where procrastination to get immediate medical relief may lead to swine fluunless you spot the symptoms. Let’s roll the dice on this killer flu.

What is Swine Flu?
Swine Flu, Swine Influenza, H1N1 flu, and Hog flu – it goes by many names, but the problem is the same.
Swine flu is a respiratory disease present among pigs.

The virus present in birds and pigs is also present in the current virus. This makes it harder to combat the disease.

What does H1N1 stand for?
– hemagglutinin
– neuraminidase
– their antibody type

When was Swine Flu first diagnosed?
The first hints of the world having caught on to swine flu dates back to 1918. However, sources say that the first Swine Flu diagnosis was made in 1930.

What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?
– body ache
– headache
– neurological uneasiness – confusion, irritability or lack of interaction.

– high fever that is absent in some cases
– running nose
– cough
– sore throat
– chills
– fatigue
– diarrhea and vomiting

What causes the spread of Swine Flu?
Humid countries are prone to the spread of this deadly disease. Hence when there is a climate change the virus spreads rapidly as common as the common flu.
Public spaces, public transport, close proximity is a cesspool for H1N1.

How can we prevent Swine Flu?
– hands should be clean, washing them regularly and sanitizing your hands can wash out the virus.
– avoid the use of aspirin, it can lead to Reye’s syndrome – is a potentially fatal disease that causes numerous detrimental effects to many organs, especially the brain and liver, as well as causing a lower than usual level of blood sugar.
– consult your doctor before you swallow OTC medication.
– humidifier can clear stuffy nose.

World statistics on Swine Flu
In 2009, it is estimated that 284,500 people were killed due to H1N1.

Indian statistics on Swine Flu
102 deaths are attributed to H1N1 in 13 states so far in 2012.
1,568 cases are reported in Maharashtra
310 in Karnataka
210 in Tamil Nadu
150 in Rajasthan
143 in Andhra Pradesh

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