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Swami Nithyananda caught with tamil actress

Swami Nithyananda, a so called spiritual preacher to the outside world was today caught in a scandal. Here in Sun News today, the video clip showcased that swami nithyananda had a sexual affair with an unknown tamil film actress whose face was masked in the video. The actress name starts with the character “R” the hint added. This was a shocking video for the entire people who believed him as a real spiritual person for all these years and revealed his hidden stuffs. The video clip triggered many questions about him and his background and his real life style.

Updates added:

1. The original name of nithyananda was called as “Rajasekaran”
2. He is running ashram in Bangalore and Thiruvannamalai
3. Nakkeeran claims that actress as Ranjitha
4. Video link provided by one of our reader
5. Public ransacked nithyanada ashrams in various places
6. Swami nithyananda absconded due to fear of public attack
7. Cases to be filed against swami nithyananda, news added by sun news
8. Sun New telecasted the swami nithyananda scandal video without masking the film actress Ranjitha face

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