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Home » News » Supreme Court rejects Aruna Shanbaug’s euthanasia plea

Supreme Court rejects Aruna Shanbaug’s euthanasia plea

The Supreme Court  today rejected Aruna Shanbaug’s euthanasia plea. It had been filed by writer Pinki Virani. Virani in her plea had said that Shanbaug should no longer be fed because keeping her alive violates her right to live with dignity. Her argument is that Aruna can’t speak, hear or even think for herself. The writer has even written a book on her.The former nurse at Mumbai’s KEM hospital has been in a vegetative state for 37 years after being attacked by a ward boy. ”This is not a life according to us, and that is the question we are posing to the court, to define what is the medico-legal definition of death, whether this is life or this is death,” said Subhangi Tulli, Pinki Virani’s lawyer.

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