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Supreme Court agrees to hear PIL to stop funding of Kashmiri separatists

Supreme Court agrees to hear PIL to stop funding of Kashmiri separatists

At a time the Centre is planning a crack down on Kashmiri separatists, the Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear a PIL next week which sought a direction to the government to immediately stop the funding of separatist groups in the state.



Incidentally, the apex court also said that it ‘shared the same feeling’. “We also share the same feeling. Everybody sitting here feels the same,” Justice Anil Dave, heading the bench, told petitioner and lawyer Manohar Lal Sharma. Sharma wanted the funding to be declared ‘unconstitutional and illegal’ as the government ‘cannot be allowed to provide money to those acting against the nation’s interest’.

“The government has spent Rs 21 crore to put these separatists in luxury hotels and Rs 26.43 crore on fuel for them to travel around and spread their anti-India venom. While the separatists speak for and instigate militancy and Pakistan’s terrorist proxies such as Hizbul Mujahideen, which are responsible for killing thousands of people, both security forces and civilians since 1990, India goes out of its way to protect them,” the PIL said.

“India has spent Rs 309 crore to provide security to separatists over the last five years, with some 950 security men guarding them round-the-clock, according to data provided by the J&K government in 2015”, the PIL added.

Sharma cited media reports questioning the grant of funds to separatists for travel, accommodation, logistics and other purposes.



The PIL also claimed that this expenditure was made without informing the Parliament and the CAG has never adduced any audit report on how these funds were used while the money was used to wage a war against the country. Sharma has sought initiation of criminal prosecution against those who have illegally authorised the release of this money from the Consolidated Fund of India.

The PIL, which has made the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Jammu and Kashmir government and CBI as parties, also alleged that an offence of corruption for misusing public office and funds has been made out in the case. It also sought a direction to the MHA and the Jammu and Kashmir government asking them not to release/provide any fund either from the Consolidated Fund of India or the state treasury under any heads or object.


Source: India Today

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