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Somebody stop him: Sachin Tendulkar breaks another record!

Somebody stop him: Sachin Tendulkar breaks another record!

There’s no stopping this man!

He might have bid adieu to cricket but Sachin Tendulkar continues to make records with the his autobiography ‘Playing It My Way’ entering the Limca Book of Records for being the best-selling adult hardback across both fiction and non-fiction categories.

The book, published by Hachette India, was released on Nov 6, 2014 and has broken all records for an adult hardback across both fiction and non-fiction categories with 1,50,289 copies confirmed on order subscriptions. The book’s orders, on day one, already saw it pulling ahead of both pre-order and lifetime sales of the world’s top adult hardbacks Dan Brown’s Inferno, Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs and JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy.

Boria Majumdar was the co-author of Tendulkar’s . It also holds the record in retail value terms having logged up Rs 13.51 crore with its cover price being Rs 899.

When it was first announced that Sachin Tendulkar was writing an autobiography, the initial feeling was of euphoria. Who would not like to get personal insights from the most popular Indian cricketer ever? Sachin Tendulkar is not merely a person or player: he has become an icon, even an institution. A peek into the heart and mind of such an institution is always a hugely welcome proposition.

Book Review

Writing for dna, Pranav Joshi wrote: “However, on second thoughts, the conscientious cricket fan would have realised that the autobiography could not be expected to shake the foundations of world cricket. Tendulkar, who was a reticent man during his career both on and off the pitch, preferring to duck controversy rather than confront it, could not be expected to suddenly throw caution to the winds. This would not be an image-altering exercise in exposes. This impression was sought to be challenged by the PR exercises Tendulkar and his team carried out before the release of the book. They kept feeding interesting tidbits about the book to the media. Greg Chappell circa 2007 still had the potential to create controversy, and it did. There was a rallying cry from India’s seniors, now happily retired but once hugely disgruntled with Chappell. There were photo ops, television appearances and posturing.

Anyone who has read the book now would know that most of the juicy bits had already been told before the book released. After the storm was over, what we received was rather dull weather. In the form of a mediocre, run-of-the-mill narrative of Tendulkar’s career. Which is exactly how ‘Playing It My Way’ can be described in stark terms. It would be fitting to describe the book as a chronological recollection of Tendulkar’s career rather than an insight into the genius of Sachin Tendulkar. For a hardcore Indian cricket fan, there is not much to savour.


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