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Skoda to bring in the Kodiaq GT coupe

Skoda to bring in the Kodiaq GT coupe

The Kodiaq has just made inroads into India and it’s a mighty impressive piece of machinery. Skoda is all set to make it even more impressive by introducing a sportier coupe version of it. Initially the coupe was planned just for the Chinese market but plenty of interest from Europe meant Skoda could not overlook other markets.

Expect the coupe to hit European markets by 2018. As for the rest of the world, it will head to places depending on interest and demand. The design is not clear yet, but expect the Kodiak to get a sloping roofline towards the rear and fancier, bigger wheels. The third row seats are expected to get axed to make this more of a looker than a people carrier. You already have the GLE coupe from Mercedes-Benz and the X6 from BMW which started the SUV coupe trend and Skoda is all set to follow it as well.

Can we expect it to come to India? Yes of course. We Indians love our SUV’s and a sportier, more stylish Kodiaq will be more than welcome. Stay tuned for more.


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