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Skin diseases burst forth with summer

With the mercury soaring, summer has brought with it a host of skin problems and dermatologists are seeing patients from all age groups coming to them with problems like fungal infections, acne and sunburn.

“Skin is the only organ that is highly exposed to the sun during summer. Excessive sweating and increased dead cell turnover block the sweat glands and cause rashes especially in the folds of the skin where sweat accumulates.

Drinking plenty of water and taking a shower at least twice a day can help,” says dermatologist, Dr Bhakthavachalam.

People who spend a lot of time outdoors sweat a lot and the resultant bacterial infestation manifests in severe itching, rash and tiny boils in the affected region.

“Spending long hours in the sun also cause sun tan and darken the skin. One can avoid this by applying sunscreen lotion before stepping out of the house,” advises the doctor.

He also warns that direct exposure to ultra-violet rays can cause a lot of damage to the skin and result in the skin peeling away.

Another common skin problem is dryness which is caused due to dehydration and lack of moisture in the body. “It is essential to drink a lot of fluids and keep your body hydrated.

Moreover, it is best to avoid intake of beverages that contain caffeine,” says skin specialist Geetika Bajaj. In order to escape sun-related problems, it is necessary to carry an umbrella and wear sun glasses while going out, added the doctor.

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