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Shah Rukhs Don-isms on demand

Don is one film that is always top of the mind when it comes to dumdaar dialogues.

Right from the original Amitabh Bachchan-starrer to the remake starring Shah Rukh Khan, pretty much everybody is well-versed with lines like, “Don ka intezar toh gyarah mulkon ki police kar rahi hai” and “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, naamumkin hai.” With Don 2 just around the corner, it promises to have even cooler dialogues.

The “Don says…” one-liners have become the new catchphrases. And SRK gives credit for the Don-isms to Farhan, saying, “Don 2’s dialogues are zany and witty. It’s 99 per cent his effort. If the Don-isms have become popular, all credit goes to him. I may have told Farhan that I want to say something differently a few times, and that is my contribution. When I saw the first trailer, I told him he’s a poet like his father ( Javed Akhtar). My favourite dialogue in the film is when Kunal Kapoor calls me “Sir” and I tell him, “Sir? Sir bahut shareef sa lagta hai… call me Don!”.”

Shah Rukh adds that he said yes to the sequel after Farhan narrated one of the “Don says…” phrases to him. He elaborates, “Farhan called me up at 9 pm and told me this dialogue: Mallik: Tumhari talaash toh duniya ki har police ko hai… kiss kiss se baat karu? Don: Aaj yeh sunkar meri maa kitni khush hoti. Mallik: Apne hathon se hi tumhe goli maar deti. Don: Mr Mallik, aap meri maa ko nahi jaante the. It implies that Don’s mother must’ve been meaner than him!”

The “Don says…” one-liners have become quite popular. Some coffee haunts for college kids have started creating their own list of “Don says…” lines for their patrons. Ritesh adds, “”Don says…” has become famous internationally too. Last month, when SRK was in Hong Kong, he addressed a security guard at the airport as “Sir”. The guy told Shah Rukh, ‘Sir bahut shareef sa lagta hai.’ SRK was stunned!” Don 2 releases December 23.

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