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Home » Entertainment » Shah Rukh Khan undeterred by Ra.One jokes

Shah Rukh Khan undeterred by Ra.One jokes

Shah Rukh speaks on the many Ra.One jokes that have been doing the rounds on the web. (Amitabh Bachchan’s face morphed on Shah Rukh’s poster, SRK and his son Aryan went for first day first show…After half and hour..Aryan says : papa ghar chalo na stargold pe Dabangg aanewali hai, jokes are being circulated on social networking and mobiles through texts with huge enthusiasm.

Even a morphed poster of Shah Rukh posing as a road side hawker selling merchandise was forwarded on the web which amused most including Shah Rukh himself! The actor without being offended chose to put up the picture on his own Twitter page!

Likewise, the actor stays unperturbed by the other sms, twitter jokes as well.

Shah Rukh commented, “Some people have devoted their lives to writing about how is not a good film. (Unhone apni zindagi samarpit kardi hai yeh likhne mein ke kaise acchi film nahi hai). But I knew right from the beginning that this is not a film for everyone. Some will like it, some won’t. But I am glad, since people are discussing it, it pretty much shows how the film hasn’t been ignored. The worst thing is when people don’t even know if your film has come and gone. You should either like a film or not like it, you shouldn’t ignore it. If Ra.One is being talked about, it’s a good thing for us.”

On comparison of his film’s collections to other khans’ blockbuster hits, SRK maintained a diplomatic stand as he said, “Its unfair to compare two films as every star has a different sensibility, personality on the basis of which he selects a film. As far as collections are concerned, the figures are with trade analysts for all to see.”

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