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Home » Entertainment » Shah Rukh Khan punches Farah husband

Shah Rukh Khan punches Farah husband

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his three bodyguards allegedly assaulted filmmaker Shirish Kunder at a Bollywood party in Mumbai early on Monday morning. Kunder tweeted in the evening that he had “no intention of filing a FIR or police complaint”. But his director-choreographer wife Farah Khan, an old friend of Shah Rukh’s who has now fallen out with the star, said the attack on her husband was the “last straw”, and the chances of a patch-up were now “over”.

The incident happened at the Aurus nightclub in Juhu, where actor Sanjay Dutt and his wife Manyata were hosting a party to celebrate the success of Agneepath. Shah Rukh, who according to sources present at the party appeared to have been drinking, entered around 3 am, and was heard telling some people what a wonderful 2011 he had had. At which Kunder apparently passed snide remarks about the failure of Ra.One, provoking SRK, who punched him.

“I’m shocked at what happened. There was no provocation on Shirish’s part. He didn’t even know Shah Rukh had come to the party. Maybe Shah Rukh was smouldering over some issue or maybe he was just looking for a fight. He grabbed hold of my husband and started hitting him,” Farah Khan said.

She alleged that SRK had threatened Kunder, saying, “I’ll destroy both of you (Farah and Kunder). I’ll have you both thrown out of the industry.”

Farah, who is shooting for the Sanjay Leela Bhansali production Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi, was not present at the party. Shah Rukh’s spokesperson remained unavailable for comment.

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