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Home » Entertainment » Shah Rukh Khan dances to Dabangg song with bleeding knee

Shah Rukh Khan dances to Dabangg song with bleeding knee

Salman Khan who is usually known for sticking to his commitments has just added his friend turned foe Shah Rukh Khan on that list.

Despite medical advice and his wife’s disapproval, SRK performed with his injured knee at an awards ceremony in Toronto, on Saturday night. Shah Rukh Khan gave an enthralling risqué performance; so much so that after finishing his performance SRK limped out of the stage with his bloodied knees. An eye-witness said, “It was a scary sight.

The organisers had modified his steps in keeping with his injury. But Shah Rukh completely disregarded the restrictions imposed by his injury. He danced like a man possessed. But after the performance he just slumped. The highlight was his performance on the Dabangg song.”

Talking about SRK’s brave performance, Shiamak Davar said, “Shah Rukh danced through his pain like a true master. He was in agony. But he still rocked the crowds. I’m so proud of him.”

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