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Home » Entertainment » Shah Rukh: I enjoy playing negative characters

Shah Rukh: I enjoy playing negative characters

Shah Rukh Khan is quite excited about his new movie Don 2, releasing this Friday. This is the first time in Hindi cinema that a sequel revolving around a negative character will be released.
In a promotional press conference, the superstar talked about why he was attracted to playing negative characters, his plans to quit smoking, and much more.
You are playing a negative character in Don 2. You established yourself as an actor with negative roles in films like Baazigar and Daar. How do you look back at them?
I am in no way glorifying negative characters. There is a justification for the character to be negative or to be bad as the story requires it. I enjoy playing negative characters. For an actor, it is one of the greatest highs to play a villain. Do you think negative characters are more memorable?

Evil or devil, black or grey characters, they always have some sort of attraction whether in books, stories, films or television.
I started my career in theatre, and have portrayed a good and bad guy on stage, too. When I joined films, I got the opportunity to play negative characters, which was accepted by the audience.

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