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See Venus transit now, else in 2117

BANGALORE: Keep yourself free on June 6. For, a rare celestial event called the transit of Venus will take place, and it won’t happen again in your lifetime. The next transit of the Venus will take place only in 2117. The Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium has introduced a new programme, ‘Transit of Venus – A small eclipse’ , to capture this event when Venus will become visible. It is a smaller version of the eclipse, when, instead of the Moon, Venus will pass in front of the Sun. The event is rare as Venus will next become visible in 2117.

The programme, which was demonstrated on Tuesday, begins with an introduction to the night sky in spring and explains the distribution of constellations . The Moon will serve as a reference for identification of these groups of stars. The Moon and the change in its position day by day can be monitored to recognize the constellations in the sky. The names given to these groups long ago serve a very important purpose of specifying the directions in the sky. Many nebulae and star clusters can be recognized with the names associated with them.

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