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Schoolkids turning violent, say experts

CHENNAI: The murder of 41-year-old school teacher may be the first time a crime of this gravity has been reported in Chennai, counsellors and teachers across the country said they had been seeing increasing instances of violent behaviour among school children.

“The Chennai incident is a rare case, when anger gets out of control. But, in the past few years, we have seen instances where students have beaten up other children,” says Magdalene Jeyaratnam of Centre for Counselling, Chennai.

Experts say there are several reasons for aggressive behaviour. “Children don’t know to control their emotions and get frustrated with the smallest of things,” said Fr Francis Swamy, principal of Holy Family School, Mumbai. “Parents fear confronting them because of their strong reaction.” Children are more exposed to violence, through TV and video games. “Sometimes, while dealing with an aggressive child, we discover that he or she has been witness to domestic violence or subjected to severe physical punishment at home,” said Jeyaratnam.

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