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Satyamev Jayate Is Your Child Safe

The first episode of Satyamev Jayate rocked and served its purpose very well. But will the second episode be able to live up to the excitement and impact generated by the first? That was the question running in my mind throughout the week. Thankfully, the second episode dealt with even more uncomfortable issue of child sex abuse. And needless to say, the impact was even more profound.

Again, just like the infanticide problem, we are all aware of the sodomy cases that keep getting published in newspapers. We have even read of the horrors where parents of victims didn’t react even after knowing about the abuse simply because the abuser was a close member of the family! But when we listen to the horrific tales of these victims, it actually hits us as to how profoundly the problem exists in our society. 53% of children surveyed for a government analysis admitted they have been sexually abused as a child! Simply terrifying!


Aamir Khan once again uses the technique of increasing the level of shocking revelations gradually. He begun by asking parents present in the audiences the safest environment for children. Predictably, most of them felt that the home of the child is its most secure place. Aamir then revealed that most of the sexual abuse cases happen in one’s home and is usually done by a close relative or friend of the victim! If the case of Cindrella Prakash gives you a jolt, the trauma faced by Harish Iyer for 11 long years just shakes you like never before! How can anybody be so cruel and inhuman? It’s when you listen to such cases that you feel ashamed being a human!
However, that’s not all. Aamir, with the help of a counselor, explains why the child is not able to confide to his parents about the abuse. The most shocking revelation has to be that at present, there’s no clear-cut law on child sexual abuse in India! Unbelievable but true!

Thankfully, after hordes of shocking and soul-stirring moments, the final bit was light and very cute! Aamir does a workshop with children and in simple ‘kid-friendly’ language, beautifully explains the concept of ‘good touch-bad touch’. He then fulfills Harish’s wish by calling on show his idol, the popular actress Sridevi! And the show ends with a lovely performance by Ram Sampath, this time on the song ‘Dheere Dheere Haule Haule’!

Yet again, Aamir and his team win hearts by openly discussing a sensitive topic that even the most open-minded people hesitate to talk about. But I have a grouse! What was the need to advise viewers that, if need arises, they should refrain their children from watching the episode? Surely, the topic discussed was very uncomfortable. But it’s surely something that children need to know, also considering that a large number of them are victims of abuse. But overall, no complaints as his subtle manner of hosting the show and talking with the guests on the show are unparalleled! By telling about how he gets worried when his son goes for picnics or other such excursion, he made lovely connect with the parents of the country. Hats off, once again!

And just like the first episode, the second episode too shall make an impact in the government and political circles. I hope stringent laws are passed and that the show gives hope to millions of Harish’s and Cindrella’s of our country!

Bikhre tute tookde, fir se jood rahe hai, dheere dheere! Haule haule…!

Watch the video: Satyamev Jayate (Episode 2)


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