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Satyamev jayate hits the right chords

Satyamev Jayate the most awaited TV show of the year was finally aired on Sunday.

This ambitious project undertaken by film star Aamir Khan has hit the right chord and has received a grand opening.

It is definitely a show to awaken the mass on the serious issues in the society and this is what I expected from ‘anAamir Khan show’.

The first episode of Satyamev Jayate focused on female foeticide, an issue which has influenced almost the entire country.

The first guest in the show was a woman from Ahmedabad, who shared her tale of how she was first duped in to having an abortion and then forced into having six abortions in eight years by her husband and in-laws.

Another guest that followed was a woman from Madhya Pradesh who told her horrifying story, where her husband disfigured her face by biting it because she was going to give a birth to their third girl child.

Contrary to our assumptions, that such cases only take place in rural areas and within the illiterate population of the society was broken when a doctor from New Delhi, who was married in a well educated family narrated her tale of harassment she had faced by her in-laws for giving birth to a girl child.

The inhuman stories got everyone emotional, there were moments when your eyes well up with tears but the show did not get into the trend of emotional drama.

It was a pang of shock when two journalists who had executed a sting operation on female abortion in Rajesthan seven years ago revealed that no action was taken against the doctors who were involved in this inhuman practice and even after having them caught red handed on the camera, the issue still remained unsolved.

This was followed by interviews with experts, doctors and it also focused on the long term consequences of such illegal practices.

Through this show Aamir has promised to write to Chief Minister of Rajasthan to set up fast track courts to settle the impending cases against the doctors caught red handed in the state.

It would be unfair to compare Aamir Khan with other filmstars who have hosted the TV shows in the past, as the concept of this show is completely different.

Yes, the show is definitely highlighting the most serious issues that are bothering the country, but the question is what the outcome is?

Is this show another money making scheme or it really has the potential to help the country in its own little way!

We shall wait and watch.

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