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Samsung launches Galaxy Music smartphone

Samsung today kicked off the launch of the Galaxy Music smartphone, an Android 4.0 device with special audio and music features.

The new phone comes with dual stereo speakers in the front along with built-in FM radio and such features as Sound Alive and SRS. Sound Alive pumps up the bass, tone, and clarify of the sound and automatically adjusts the quality based on the type of music. SRS (Sound Retrieval System) adds certain effects to music and tries to reproduce 5.1 surround sound with just two speakers.

The Galaxy Music also offers a dedicated Music key so users can quickly access the audio player.

Designed as an entry-level model, the phone itself sports a 3-inch QVGA 240×320 pixel display. Internal memory weighs in at 512MB. Internal storage maxes out at 4GB, but the included microSD slot can hold up to 32GB. A 3-megapixel camera graces the back.

Samsung has added its usual array of features, including Touchwiz, Samsung Apps, Samsung Hub, and Music Hub. The phone will also come in a dual-SIM version packaged as the Galaxy Music Duos.

Samsung’s press release gave no hints as to pricing or actual availability. CNET contacted the company for further details and will update the story if we receive any information.

Source : CNET News