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Home » Technology » Samsung Galaxy S3 release date and specs a mystery

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date and specs a mystery

Galaxy S3 artificial image

Galaxy S3 artificial image

Stakes are running high as the Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) approaches its release date. The most talked about aspect being 4.6 inch or a larger screen size with 720×1,280 pixels crammed in – at par with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If Korean news sources are to be believed, the panel might not be same as on the Nexus – the Samsung Galaxy S3 will sport a Super AMOLED Plus display. The bottom line is that the S3 will have a screen technology that will be crispier than the Galaxy Nexus.

Those who were speculating a 3D display, Samsung has definitely played spoilsport by suggesting that 3D is still a no-go for the Galaxy. Tech lovers are, however, keeping their eyes fixed on the specs of the flagship S3 – in the hope that it will set Apple to pause prior to the launch of the much hyped iPhone 5. As a flagship model, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy S3 packing in some extra punches against the specs of the iPhone 5. Given the success Galaxy S2 has enjoyed, take it a little easy on your think tank and do not expect specs that are too extreme. Well…just in case, you misinterpret us, we do remember what Samsung stated last year – that it would launch hardware with flexible OLED (FOLED) in 2012. OLEDs being slimmer than traditional displays and this handset as it suggests, is all screen, we can expect some off the wall options.

Loaded with the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, it remains to be seen what’s up Samsung’s sleeve this time – given the fact that android 4.0 has features like easy screen grabs and resizeable widgets. Feature-wise, it’s definitely going to give a run for the money. Probing the insides, the Galaxy S3 is rumoured as Samsung’s quad-core ARM A9-based Exynos 4212 chipset, clocked at 1.8GHz – that makes it twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. This syncs with Samsung claim of immense speed boosts on graphics and at the same time promising to be easy on the battery. Preorder benchmark results by unspecified sources however claim that the processor clocked at 1.4GHz. Nonetheless, with four cores and 2GB of RAM, the Galaxy S3 will show off some robust multi-tasking power. Together with 32GB of storage, the S3 should be capable of powerhouse performance, good enough to throw off some laptops off the cliff! Now, that’s something we too are keeping our fingers crossed. If you are shutter-happy, there is something to cheer about. There’s likely to be a 12-MP rear camera – that’s 4-megapixels higher than the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung might equip the handset with a 1/2.3 inch sensor and that’s much bigger than the sensor on the iPhone 4S. Of course, it won’t replace your DSLR, but it sure will come in handy in low light situations. More so, if it comes with dual flash. With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’s picture taking and easy editing capabilities, we have here quite a rival.

From what we understand, here’s what could be the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S3:

Styled like the Galaxy Nexus

4.6 – 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen

720×1,280-pixel – 1,920×1,080-pixel screen resolution

1.5GHz – 1.8GHz chip with 2GB RAM for flawless performance

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz skin

12-megapixel rear camera with high ISO feature

However the release date of samsung galaxy s3 in india or anywhere is still not known and remain mystery.

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